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and as an uneducated, uncultured American, what would I know ….

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It is also possible to take snapshots of the results for reporting purposes

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is irrelevant, but through the whole Lewinsky fiasco I kept wondering what kind of damn woman doesn’t

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that dilution” as you can use serial dilutions as homeopaths do (or claim to — I wonder a bit).”

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Funny, I just started watching “Doctor Who”…today, as a matter of fact

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Monthly supplies of underarm spray, patches and tablets cost about $400, and pellets cost $230–$750 per treatment, depending on the dose of the hormone

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I been in numerous jails in both states and you get nothing.

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Sometimes, women do spot before their periods

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But as the hack suggests, identifying details tiedto credit card transactionsmay be exactly the kind of electronic lipstick on the collar that could compromise the site’s users

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